Best Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Reviews

Hello dear, Are you searching best ping Pong paddle? Don’t worry; I’m here with a best pinging Pong paddle. Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket is one of the best ping Pong paddles in the market.


Are you finding the best information for Stiga pro carbon table tennis paddle? So, you have to read the details about this table tennis racket.

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What to Consider Before Buying Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket?

Several things to buy a best ping Pong paddle. You have to know all things before buy a ping Pong paddle. Here I describe all important features about Stiga carbon pro table tennis racket.

​You can also see here the 4 Player Table Tennis Racket Set. Stiga and stiga carbon pro is same brand. But some features are different. 

Paddle Features

For comfortable playing you have to focus paddles handle. I think the most vital part of this racket is handle. You must choose good handle for better control.

You have glade to know that this Stiga evolution table tennis racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Not only paddle handles, you need a plain and perfect surface. Paddle color is also important for choosing a best table tennis paddle. It reads and black color both sides.

Paddle size is very important. Do not buy any types of inappropriate size paddle. This table tennis racket size according to International Table Tennis Federation.

This is high performance level table tennis racket. This paddle has used carbon technology. That means you feel the power and more speed.

The carbon pings Pong paddle has 7 ply extra light blade. It also has S5 rubber and 2mm sponge that is very important.

Here is two types of racket, single racket and double racked. Single and double paddles budget are different.

​Stiga carbon pro paddle handle is normal size that is great for playing. It's perfect fit in the hand for it's normal size.


Approved by ITTF

Use Pro carbon Technology

Better performance

Extra power and speed


90 days only warranty

Are You Professional Ping Pong Player?

If you are a professional ping Pong player then it is obvious for you. This is designed according to international table tennis rules. This carbon table tennis racket is used in many international games and tournament. So, is it not important that you are professional or non professional ping Pong player. You can use this table tennis paddle without any doubt.

What is your Budget?

How much you want to spend for your table tennis racket? It’s an important question. You will get this best ping Pong paddle under 50 with single racket and best tennis racquet under 100 with double racked.

In my opinion As a professional ping pong paddles this budget is not so much.


1. Can I use it outdoor?

Ans: Yes, It’s outdoor ping pong racket, You can use it outdoor.

2. Is it possible to ship any country?

Ans: It’s only ship in USA

3. Where it is made?

Ans: Made in Sweden.

4. what is the weight of this racket?

Ans: Paddle weighs 185 grams

Final Verdict:

Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket is one of the best rackets in the world. According to experts and customer reviews, Stiga pro carbon is the best selling product in different e-commerce platforms. You can buy it without any doubt.


This guideline is for you to understand the Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket. I reviewed here a single product for you. It’s one of the best ping Pong racket ever I have seen. I hope you must happy to buy this racket.

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