Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

Probably table tennis table is the most important tool for the game. Can you imagine a table tennis match without a table? It seems funny. In this review and buying guide, I’ve written best Stiga Ping Pong Table Reviews to assist you.


​Here is a list of Different types of Stiga ping pong  table

  • STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table
  • STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table
  • STIGA Synergy Table Tennis Table
  • STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table
  • STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table
Features Advantage InstaPlay Synergy Triumph STS 185
Table Top 5/8” 3/4" 5/8" 5/8" 3/4"
Apron 1.5” 2 ” 2 ” 5/8" 2"
Legs 1.5” 2 ” 1 3/4” 2" 2"
Leg Levelers 1.5” None None None
Wheels 3” 3” 3” 3" 3"
Ball Storage None None None None Half Length
Net 72” Net 66” Net 66” Net 66" Net 72" Net
Chassis Unique Chassis Design Independent Chassis Design Wooden Bottom Board Wooden Bottom Board Wooden Bottom Board
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
  • Indoor table
  • Perfect for your home and office
  • Comes with 95% preassembled
  • 10 minutes quick assembly
  • Two independent halves
  • Easily attachable net
  • Safety bar system
  • 5/8" thick table top
  • Compact storage system
Stiga Ping Pong Table


Stiga is one of the best-renowned ping pong table producers in the world. They always provide the exceptionally qualified products.

You may guess something special in this Stiga advantage table tennis table for its name. It is best STIGA advance table tennis table.

Yes, it has some great advantage feature. It is one one easy and quick assembled table which comes with 95% preassembled in a box.

Two independent halves are easily attachable. 1.5" welded steel apron, adjustable premium quality cotton blend 72" net. Steel legs are adjustable, and 3" safety latch system with moveable wheels.

Sturdy and durable table for the active elements it made of.


          Durable 5/8" thick table top

          Fast and easy setup

          Two separate halves

          Square steel legs with attachable wheel

          Safety lock system

          Easily removable net

          Welded steel apron in top surface

          Tournament quality net

          Easy and compact to storage


          Need wrench or swirl to assemble

          Need least two people to move after setup

Advantages of this table

Like as mentioned position in its name this table also has some unique benefits what make it attach this word to its name.

The Very attractive benefit is to assemble systems that make it more adorable quickly.

Very robust and durable lock system with sturdy net clamps.

Place fast storage system with removable parts.

Disadvantages of this table

Like everything, it has some disadvantage also.

Some people say that it is not possible to setup without the wrench and some other says least two people need to move after installation.

My Opinion

After doing a depth research on this product and gather user reviews I can ensure you it is an excellent table for you to grab now.

You'll get the best return


  • Indoor ping pong table
  • Instaplay Table no assembly needed
  • 3/4" black table top
  • Top surface silk screen striping
  • Steel apron
  • Corner protector
  • Steel legs
  • Wheels with lock system
Stiga Ping Pong Table


STIGA is well-known ping pong table producer worldwide. Among the other table tennis table, STIGA instaplay table tennis table is just an incredible achievement of STIGA team and also for table tennis table history.

It is made of instaplay technology, no need to worry about assembling.

3/4" thick top surface make it bouncy, and silk striping added extra value to its top surface.It has 2" steel apron and never thinks about corners as there has protector guard also. The legs are 2" thick, and the wheels are awesome for 3" mag shape and excellent lock system.


          Solid surface gives good bounce

          No, assemble needed

          Two independent halves

          Easily installed net

          Folded system for dense storage

          lift out two halves stand up and go to play

          Wheels with locker


          Perfect one for just indoor

          Unfit to damp

Advantages of this instaplay table

Without any clear benefit, I never suggest someone anything. I suggest it to you just for these unique benefits of this table.

It is 100% preassembled, so you are tension free. Thickness and durability of the top surface make it perfect bouncy.

Easily folded and rolled to storage.

Disadvantages of this instaplay table

There are some disadvantages of this table also. It never is comfortable for all. Some people mention bad for elastic net rope and it just only perfect for indoor use, as it not friendly to humidity.

My Opinion

In according to my investigation now it takes place top position on my recommend list.

This instaplay table is perfect for a beginner to regular play and that is why I suggest it and you can buy it without any hesitation


  • Indoor ping pong table
  • Quickplay chassis
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thickness of top is 5/8"
  • Self-opening steel legs
  • 3" mag wheels
  • Overlapped steel apron
  • Corner guard
  • Easily folded
  • Friendly to storage
Stiga Ping Pong Table


STIGA is the one and only ping pong table producer who keep the quality first.

STIGA synergy table tennis table is the best-qualified one among their other tables.

The blacktop surface with 5/8" thickness makes it more adorable. It is Easy to set up for Quickplay chassis. Easily folded and rolled for compact storage.

2" steel apron in its surface make it stronger. The 66" net and post set make it more helpful to play. It has excellent corner guards to protect the edges from scratch and snag.

Amazing self-opening steel legs and 3" mag wheels with lock system to keep stable and make stronger.


          Chassis made for quickplay

          Easy to assemble

          Top surface is perfect bouncy

          Legs are self-opened

          Overlap with steel apron

          Easily folded for storage

          Wheels with lock system


          Just only for indoor use

Advantages of this ping pong table

There have some great benefits of this table to make you interested in playing. STIGA synergy table tennis table is best one for its chassis and the feature of the top.

Self-open legs help to assemble quickly.

The feature of this table makes you buy.

Disadvantages of this ping pong table

There is nothing without any problem as nothing made for just one class people.

Some people hesitate to select it just for using indoor only.

Some other requested to attach a leveling device as there is no leveling device there.

My Opinion

After doing a sweaty investigation and collect user reviews it makes me suggest to it to my readers as a best-qualified one.

Without any hesitation, you can buy it for the worth return of your money.


  • Indoor table
  • Quickplay chassis
  • Easy to assemble
  • Blue table top with 5/8" thickness
  • Legs are self-opened
  • 2" leg and 3" mag wheel
  • Overlap with steel apron
  • Included post set and 66" net
Stiga Ping Pong Table


STIGA is a ping pong table producer and supplier worldwide. They always produce qualified products with an excellent feature.

STIGA triumph table tennis table is a strong and durable ping pong table with the blue top surface of 5/8" thickness. Silk screen striping surface makes it tournament favored also.

This table has easy opened and folded Quickplay chassis which help to start playing fast.

STIGA ping pong table has a steel overlap of 2 inches, and the corner protector saves it from various scratch and damage.

Self-open 2-inch legs and 3-inch mag wheel with locks help you to set it up easily, and locked wheels keep it secure and stable in playing.


          Easy to assemble

          5/8 inch thick top

          Blue silk screen striping top

          Quickplay set up for its chassis

          Legs are self-opened with 2" thickness

          3-inch mag wheel

          Wheel with locks

          Easy to fold and storage


          Perfect one for indoor use

Advantages of this triumph table

You must get some good benefit from this Stiga ping pong table that is why I suggest it to you.

Significant advantages are that it is easy to set up and the top is sturdy and durable with silk screen striping make it perfect bouncy.

Legs are self-opened, and wheel helps to move quickly.

After all, it is folded easily and compact to storage.

Disadvantages of this triumph table

Some people mention problems with this table also as it is only preferable to indoor use only.

My Opinion

I recommend it to you after a deep research.

So I think you can buy it without any hesitation to make the worthy use of your money.


  • Excellent for tight space
  • No, assembly needed
  • Silkscreen striping
  • Independent halves
  • Can use for entertainment also
  • Handy to fold
  • Steel legs
  • Leg levelers
  • Overlapped steel apron
Stiga Ping Pong Table


STIGA is the renowned table tennis producer and supplier in various e-commerce sites. STIGA ping pong tables are perfect for their quality and qualified feature.

STIGA space saver table tennis table is just excellent one for homes and apartments. It is very much perfect for tight space.

One can use it without any assemble, just unfold and play. Separate halves are always independent of using.

5/8" table top gives perfect bouncy, and steel apron makes it more durable. The steel legs of 1.25" with foot lever give a chance to keep it stable at anywhere.

It also a set includes a net and post set.


          Convenient space saver

          No, assembly needed

          Silkscreen striping top

          Steel apron

          Steel legs

          Leg leveler

          Compact for storage

          Easy to carry or move

          Multiple using positions


          Only for indoor use

          Not so large as space saver

Advantages of this space saver table

There are so many advantages of this Stiga ping pong table. It is most popular for its great space saver feature. The independent halves are easy to unfold and 100% preassembled.

Most surprised benefit is that you can set it stable anywhere for the leg lever of this table

Hope these advantages are quite enough for you.

Disadvantages of this space saver table

There are some disadvantages of this space saver table. Also, it just qualified one for apartments and houses. Not so large, so some people say it need to more big.

My Opinion

Before suggesting anything to anyone I do a lot investigation and gather a lot of customer reviews, for this product also I do the same and end of the day the result makes me keep this ping pong table at the top of my recommend list.

I ensure you; you can buy it without any hesitation for best repay.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Stiga Ping Pong Table

Hey, are you sinking in confusions to buy a ping pong table? If you get stuck to purchase a perfect ping pong table for you or family, then you are in the right place.

Here I included some renowned Stiga ping pong table and its feature.

Here I do a masterpiece research to retrain from that issue. If you abide by these matters before select the best ping pong table for you, then you never fall victim to pick the wrong one for you.

Here I discussed step by step to get the perfect solution. Just read it and follow it then you can realize how much worthy it is?

There are some burning issues what you need to look into before buying a best table tennis table for you. Some of this worthy topic given below:

Why you need a ping pong table?

For the need of anything first and the foremost matter is why we need that. If I need this table tennis table just for entertainment or mere time pass with something or someone, then you need to choose one which is not so worthy but friendly to your desire.

The need or the qualification for a beginner one never is similar to a trainee one who wants to make it as a career.

So think about five minutes least at this stage, why you need it and how long you use it.

If you can fix your goal and find the right answer about why you need it. Then go to the next level

Who are you?

1. A passionate player?

2. Professional player?

3. Family tournament player?

4. A trainee player?

If you are at the advanced level can try stiga master series ping pong table. As I am using a stiga master series one?

Where to set??

At this stage, you need to fix up an appropriate place to keep your table. If you like to play family tournaments or practice in your room then select the right place where enough space to set your desired table tennis table to have. If you love nature and want to pass your playing time at natural atmosphere they choose any outer place and make it suitable as your playing spot.

Indoor or outdoor

After fixing the right place, you also take that decision also what kind of table you need. Among the best indoor outdoor ping pong table, you need to choose the best one for you what prefer you most. It is not so the easy task at all. So you need to think and research a lot before taking this decision.

If your room has enough space and you want to play indoor, then buy indoor one, but if you haven't enough space in your room or you can't keep a ping pong table stable in a home then choose the free one.

If you select the perfect space where you can set it for a long time without any moving then look into the fix table tennis table.

But if you need to move it here and there at home or outside then better go through the Stiga ping pong table reviews here to remove the vivid thoughts of your mind.

But if you choose a fixed place at outdoor to set your ping pong table then have a look into stiga outdoor ping pong table. There have some tables which you can use for both indoor and outdoor.

For indoor one do the same task and gather lot knowledge and then fix your destiny.

What about budget??

After passing a strong step now make a friendly budget according to your desire. It is also a hard to make an appropriate budget. For that, you can look into price chart in the various blog as the starts from 100- 2000$.

Various features

Now you almost pass the test and near to your goal. Here just take some investigation of some different function and then buy a best table tennis table for you.

Thickness: think about the width of your desired ping pong table, like as how much sturdy you need? How bounce rate you needed? And the humidity of your living area. Then you'll get the solution.

Legs of your ping pong table: it is one of the important parts of your table. If the foot of the table isn't strong enough, then you just stuck to the worst problems in time of playing.

Wheels: is the wheel having a lock or not and how high the wheels are?

Net hole: are the remaining holes or set post high enough and keep the net secure?

Hopefully, you reached your destiny, and these steps take you to your cherished goal to fix the best and perfect one for you.


I hope this ultimate guide will help you to pick the best ping pong table tennis table.

I would love to hear your comment about your experience.


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