The Best Kettler Ping Pong Table Reviews and Buyer Guide

Probably, the table is the most important part in table tennis. Can you think a game without it? Impossible, even you never can believe that this. You’ll be agreeing with me when I say, ‘it’s not possible to enjoy tennis properly without a good table. Today I've written kettler ping pong table reviews to assist you in buying the best table tennis table.


I researched a lot to find the best ping pong table for table tennis. And today I’ve written a full guide about Kettler Ping Pong Reviews. After reading this comprehensive review and buyer guide, you will learn details about a table for table tennis. I’ve shared two real experiences and reviews here.

Kettler Sports is selling this Kettler outdoor table tennis table through several e-commerce sites. Kettler Sports is a favorite sports equipment seller. Mostly they sell tennis equipment.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Kettler Ping Pong Table

​Before the purchase of a ping pong table tennis table, you’ve to consider some facts. I’ve included Five Major Points that you must have to consider before buying one. You can also see our top 10 Ping Pong Table Reviews

Table Size Dimension and Room Size

When you’re thinking about the purchase of a table tennis table, remember your room size. Don’t buy inappropriate size table which doesn’t match with your room size. So must take the time to understand about room and table size.

Define a table size isn’t a terrible job. As a tennis player, you can understand easily what size’s table you need.

What’s the Buying Intent?

Why do you want to buy a table tennis? Who are you? You’ve to remember these two questions. If any professional purchase a table which made for newbies. Is it fair? Nope, it’s not.

So, if you’re any club’s or a league player, then you’ve to buy a semi-professional table.

But if you’re a full professional someone, then you should never buy any traditional tables. Below this guide, I’ve reviewed a great ping pong table that is suitable for every level player.

How Often You Play Table Tennis?

Do you play daily, weekly, or monthly? Before buying a table, you’ve to define how often you play. There are separate tables.

If you play daily and buy one which is suitable for weekly playing, then it won’t be durable equipment. For this first, define how much time you play and then purchase a table.

Table Features

There are table thickness, table structure, cover, legs, and many more things that you’ve to consider. The full feature of a table should be ideal.

Perfect size and the right surface is necessary for a table tennis table. Be careful about these functions.

Table Price

The final and the fifth consideration fact before buying a table is its price.

You know it’s enough expensive stuff. So don’t waste money buying too much high price.

​XL Top Star Weatherproof Table Tennis Table with Bundle of Outdoor Accessories by Kettler Sports


  • It's a weatherproof game table
  • Eight-inch thick table playing surface
  • Table surface is very smooth
  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient to fold and keep back
  • Super patented safety

Product Descriptions

The most important feature of this Kettler indoor outdoor ping pong table is it’s weatherproof. You must know that weatherproof table tennis table is convenient and usefulness for an enjoyable game. You can use this as an indoor or as an outdoor table whatever you want.

Table playing surface is also necessary for a ping pong table. This Kettler ping pong table surface is smooth and eight inches thick. Setting up the whole table is easy.

After playing, you can fold the table easily. The entire table dimension is 108-inch x 60 x 30 inches. When you keep it folded, its dimension is 26-inch x 65-inch x 72 inches.

It has a 30-millimeter width steel frame and 1.5 inches width apron.

It has fascinated safety system.


          Attractive design

          Easy to set up

          Great feature

          Easy to fold

          Worth of money

          Outdoor and indoor


          Too many parts

          Confusing while assembling

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

You can ask any ping pong table related question below in comment section.

1. Can I fold up the table own?

Ans: Yes, it’s unbelievably easy to fold up. You can fold the table easily.

2. Are the legs portable or adjustable?

Ans: No, the legs are fixed.

3. Is there any table cover with the accessory bundle?

Ans: Yes, there is one.

Advantages of Kettler This Ping Pong Table

I’ve written this outdoor ping pong table reviews according to my huge research and my friend Peter’s courage. Peter is my known customer of this Kettler indoor outdoor ping pong table. He bought this table about three months ago. I heard about this from his first time.

Peter is a semi-professional table tennis player. He is improving in table tennis. He was happy with this table. He told me that it was a good looking and playing surface was great.

Lots of top levels professional players are also using this table.

Peter has suggested everyone buy this.

Disadvantages of Kettler This Ping Pong Table

Peter told me about a con part of this table. It has too many parts. Sometimes people can be confused about this. And most of the buyer faces several obstacles to set up this for the first time. It has not any problem else.

Final Verdict

It’s one of Kettler top star xl outdoor table tennis table, and you should buy this one to get the best output. I’m highly recommending this ping pong table for every level tennis player.

Most of the experts and customers are also agree with me. I saw lots of experts are suggesting this table as a professional table. I’ve written this Kettler ping pong table reviews to inform you guys about this.


I hope you’ll find something needed and usefulness in this Kettler ping pong table reviews. I wrote this to help the real ping pong table lovers, who are looking for a good table tennis table. You should buy this one without any hesitant.

I would love to hear your experiences about a table tennis table or share your story about this table with me.

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