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How to Choose a Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table – Latest Guide

It is great to have the best outdoor ping pong table to spend the free time with the friends and family members.

It will give you a great pleasure and competitive play. You can set up the ping pong table in your backyard, or in the basement. There are several other options to set it up. Ping pong table is not so expensive.

So, before purchase a ping pong table, you need the Necessary information. From this article, you will able to know How to choose a best outdoor ping pong table for the outdoor use. It will help you to choose the suitable one for yourself.

Things of consideration to buy the best outdoor ping pong table

To take a decision of buying an outdoor table tennis table you need to consider some factors.

In the market, you will find many outdoor tables with different warranty and design or facilities. The legs and the surface, the wheels are also the thinking matters.

So, choose the perfect one sometimes become difficult. But if you keep an eye on some factors, you will be able to buy the best one. Now see the considerable matters.


The playing space is the main criteria of the ping pong table. The table is 9 feet on the long side, and is 5 feet on the width side. The height is 2.5 feet.

So, you need also some extra space around the table. It is better to keep 5 feet behind the end side and 3 feet behind the width side.


Most of the people do not use a whole place for the ping pong table. It will be better for you if you collapse your table to create more space when you need to do something.


Choosing the best ping pong table also depends on the experience of the players. For the beginner, it needs the durable and higher end tennis table. The high-performance tables are expensive, and sometimes it will not last long as some cheaper tables.

If the table is for a community or your office, the durability is the main consideration there because here people will not take care of the table as like as the personal table.


You should choose the ping pong table according to your affordability. You can get the table from some hundred to several thousand dollars.

So, here budget is the factor. Try to choose one that is affordable to you and has the ability to satisfy you.

Is it waterproof?

As you want the best outdoor ping pong table you should make sure that the table is waterproof? weatherproof ping pong table is very important for outdoor. 

Maximum outdoor tables are suitable for all weather and there is no need of any cover to wrap it. The special coating from the manufacturer makes the table waterproof.

But you can use a cover to keep the table clean and dust-free. To bounce the ball, a clean and smooth table is necessary. So, for your ping pong table, you can buy a beautiful cover even you buy a waterproof ping pong table.

Surface Thickness

Thickness is an important factor for an outdoor ping pong table. The thicker table is better for the rainy season and the winter. 22 mm thickness is good. The thicker top of the table makes the ball bouncy.

Frame material

The durability of the table depends on the material of the frame. The steel frame is more durable than the other material like aluminum. So, find out the outdoor ping pong table with steel frame.

The best outdoor ping pong tables

Now I am describing some of the best outdoor ping pong tables. You can choose one of them as your desired ping pong table.

Killerspin Revolution ping pong Table

Killerspin is one of the best companies who supply the best ping pong tables. Revolution is the number one choice of the buyer for the outdoor table. It gives you one year warranty to the customer. The frame of this table is made of steel and aluminum.

Besides, the surface of the table is thicker. The two coating of the surface makes the table more durable. The table also contains the steel post and Apex net. You also get a bag with this table in which you can put the balls, net, and other accessories.

Kettler Champ 5.0

It is an excellent outdoor ping pong table. The waterproof table is suitable for any weather condition. The material of the table is tolerable for the hot and cold weather.

Moreover, the top coat of the table is UV resistant and also fade resistant. You will get many features of this table. It is preferable for both the team and solo play.

Joola Outdoor

The Joola table is good for all weather which surface is made of aluminum plastic. There is another coat on the surface. You can fold this table and keep it another side.

The table is stable and safe, and you can move it easily. Besides, there is a waterproof net set with the table. You can choose it as the best one.

Kettler Axos 1

Kettler supplies us some great tables of table tennis. Axos 1 is the table that produces you the all-in-one kit. It is a German brand of outdoor kit products.

If you see the reviews, you will find that it is one of the best selling products. You can easily move it from one place to another.

The surface is waterproof. Besides the thickness of the table is 22 mm which makes the ball more bouncy.

Final Word

I hope, choosing the best outdoor ping pong table is not now difficult to a customer. So, you should choose one which will be more durable and will under your budget.

Many companies all over the world bring many attractive ping pong outdoor tables for the customer.

You can go to click upper link to see the ping pong table reviews. You will get the better idea about the tables and it will help you to purchase a good one.

The Best Ping Pong Table Brand List and Details of all

Are you searching best ping pong table brand in the world? So, you are in right place now.

I’m reviewing here the best table tennis table brand in the world. You also get here different kind of table tennis table brand name and their information.

If you are looking top 10 best ping pong table you can see this article. Best Ping Pong Table Reviews and guide.

Before going into details you can see the checklist of table tennis table brands.

  • Stiga ping pong table
  • Kettler ping pong table
  • Joola ping pong table
  • Butterfly ping pong table
  • Killerspin ping pong table
  • Cornilleau ping pong table
  • Harvil ping pong table
  • Hathaway ping pong table
  • Viper ping pong table

Details about ping pong table brand

1. stiga ping pong table: In my opinion Stiga is number one table tennis table brand. Its demand is very high other table tennis table brand. Stiga sale table before 70 years in 100 plus countries. Stiga maintains the highest standard and quality of every table.

Stiga has various kinds of ping pong table. If you want stiga ping pong table review you can see this article. Stiga ping pong table reviews and buying guide.

2. kettler ping pong table: Kettler is one of the best ping pong tables in the world. I pleased it number two position because its demand is less then stiga. But its quality is not less then sitga. I think the quality is same. So, you can select it without any doubt. If you want to see details about kettler ping pong table you can see this article. Kettler ping pong table reviews and buyer guide.

3. Joola ping pong table: The Joola ping pong Table Company established at 1950. Joola Production their 1st table tennis table in 1952. It’s one of the old ping pong table brands in the world. Joola has different kind of ping pong table, JOOLA inside Table Tennis Table, JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table and Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table is best all of them.

4. Butterfly ping pong table: Butterfly manufactured their ping pong table before 60 years. Butterfly maintains high quality and safety of their product because it’s an international brand. Not only table but also butterfly production ping pong racket, shoes, balls, Racket Care Kit, Racket Soft Grip Tape, Table Tennis Net and Posts etc. So, you can buy anything from butterfly brand.

5. Killerspin ping pong table: Killerspin ping pong table is best professional table i think. But its popularity is not so high. In case of popularity i think its second class table. Killerspin’s other accessories is famous more than table.

6. Cornilleau ping pong table: Cornilleau ping pong table is one of the high quality ping pong tables. It design and decoration is better than other table tennis table. In that case cornilleau table tennis table price is high from table tennis table. Cornilleau Company manufacture both indoor and outdoor table.

7. Harvil ping pong table: Harvil ping pong table is most attractable table in the world. Its design and futures is also good. Harvil has different size of tables. You will get some ping pong accessories with this table.

8. Hathaway ping pong table: Hathaway ping pong table is similar to harvil ping pong table. You will get different kind of Hathaway table tennis table. Such as Hathaway reflex midsized table, Hathaway pool table, Hathaway drop shot portable table tennis table, Hathaway blue back stop table tennis table etc.

9. Viper ping pong table: Viper ping pong table is not so famous but viper portable tri-fold table tennis table is most popular. Viper has indoor and outdoor table tennis table.

I describe all ping pong table brand details. All ping pong table is best in my choice. You can choose any ping pong table from here. If you want best ping pong table so you can select anyone from this listing.

If you think that you have different and better ping pong table brand. So, you can share it and share your opinion about table tennis table or game. Thanks. 

Kettler Ping Pong Table Reviews, Buyer Guide and Information

Hey, are you getting tired of looking the best ping pong table? I'm also suffering same; so at last, I write this article after getting the Kettler Ping Pong Table. So, You will get here pure Kettler ping pong table reviews

It is the ultimate complete guide for you to buy a Best Ping Pong Table for you.

End of this reading you will get how much worthy it was. So let's go to the main discussion.

Here I have mentioned a Kettler indoor outdoor ping pong table review and its feature which is the ultimate guide for buying this product. Here I explained step by step for chosen the best ping pong table for you.

If you follow these steps, then you will able to purchase the perfect one for you.

Why Kettler ping pong table reviews is important before buying

In the time of buying anything, we think about various important options and feature of that product. Where you need to consider some options, otherwise you can't find the best one for you. That's why you have to consider some important options before buying a wood ping pong table.

Here I have included these options.

Ping pong table Features

You have to understand the feature of the table tennis table which you select for you.

In the feature, first thinking matter is how much space it needed? How about its stability? Can I fold it and storage quickly?

I think the important part of a table is its size and durability. So, carefully fix this and get the best one which is accomplishing you and prefer you best. If your table is not space friendly of your home, you can't play an easy game.

If the transfer process of it is terrible, it gets wrap in sun and storage is not easy at all then it will suffer you.

Most of the table have high wheels to move and fold quickly to keep it safe while it is not used.

You need to know about the materials by what it made of, the durability of the table, mostly the strength and bounce rate of it.

In a word buy one which is perfect and comfortable for you.

Are You a Regular Player?

If you are a regular table tennis player and play the tournaments among family members, then you need to think advance more to picking a table. For home, tournaments need to buy firm one. I have mentioned one great wood ping pong table in this guide.

What it made of?

For a ping pong table, the materials of it are the main issue. If the thickness and surface material are not so good, then it's not for you. Need such table that you can use to play in both indoor and outdoor, never get wrap in the sun.

What's Your Budget?

Budget is a concerning matter for a ping pong table. It plays a great impact on buying a preferable table. How much you can spend for a table told you what kind of table you would get.

So you have to pay a good amount for perfect one.

How Much Time Do You Play?

The people who play regular or a professional one are not same as an occasional one. So how long you'll play and what type match needs to play is a matter of buying a table.

Indoor or Outdoor

Some tables are just made for indoor ping pong games and some for outdoors only. There are also some tables for using both in indoor and outdoor, so pick the right one for your playing.

Important Features

  • Top surface with 3/4" solid thickness
  • Medium density bounce rating
  • Made in Germany materials
  • Two center support bars
  • Fold with dual lock safety
  • protected with 1" aluminum apron in the outer edge
  • It's with 3-year limited residential warranty

Kettler is one of the best among the ping pong table producer and suppliers. They produce custom indoor and outdoor ping pong table. They always provide the qualified one, that's why trusted in various e-commerce sites also.

It is a Kettler aluminum ping pong table. Most amazing part of it space saver technology for compact storage and fold with dual lock safety system. Center of gravity is Low with and big wheels for a smooth transition.

Kettler indoor outdoor ping pong table is protected with 1” inch aluminum apron in outer edge and surface to prevent wrap and make it weather proof. Two-rod bars in the center make it more durable than other tables in the market.

There have two center metal holes to set the net and it also firms in the time of fold also.


None suggest you anything without any exclusive benefit of that. I found some excellent benefits from it. There have some incredible advantages of Kettler ping pong table also.

It is a best one for newbie one and home tournaments, Kettler indoor ping pong table gives you the complete solution of indoor table tennis games and the Kettler outdoor ping pong table for both indoor and outdoor.


          Indoor – outdoor feature

          Protected aluminum apron

          Space savers fold with dual lock

          Large wheels for move on the grass

          Weather-proof and durable


          Few people says not so easy to assemble

          Not so lightweight


1. Is this high score bouncy rated?

Ans: Yes, the bounce rate is high of it.

2. Where is it made?

Ans: It's made in Germany.

3. Is it easy to fold?

Ans: yes, you can fold it easily and its space saver.

Final Verdict

Probably it is the best among Kettler top star XL outdoor table tennis table in the market. It is well-known as Kettler aluminum ping pong table to the users.

Before choosing this kettler sport ping pong table, I research on various resources and user reviews, everywhere I found the positive review of it. In Kettler outdoor table tennis table reviews, I get it on the top.

So now I can quickly mention it as a best ping pong table without hesitation. I think you also can buy it undoubtedly for a complete return of your money.


This ultimate guide is for you to help choose best ping pong table. Here I have reviewed a particular product for you. It's the best one as I ever seen. Hope you'll be happy to buy it and to wait to know your experience about Kettler ping pong table reviews

Please share your experience in the comment box.

How to Choose a Best Table Tennis Table and Accessories

Hey, welcome to my ultimate guide about how to choose the best table tennis table. In this full guide, I’ve shown the full details about a table tennis table.

We know that, table is the most worthy parts in the tennis game. If we become fail find a good table then it can hurt in game. You must have to buy a best one to become professional in tennis.

It’s a long discussed and well researched guide, you’ll get huge resource about the best table tennis table here. Top 10 Best Table Tennis List. 

Let’s jump into the main content.

What is the best Table Tennis Table or Ping Pong Table?

The best table tennis table is some kind of furniture that used in Tennis game. People often call table tennis table as ping pong table. Ping pong table is the most important part and equipment for tennis. You can’t even think a tennis match without this table.

There are not ant fixed dimension for a table tennis table. Several types of game and several types of people use separate tables. Size of ping pong table can be different in separate game types.

Here I’m giving a sample of best table tennis table size.

  • Length – 108 inches
  • Width – 60 inches
  • Height – 30 inches

That’s just a sample size that could be different.

​Before buying any sports equipment, you’ve to consider some facts. In this full guide I’ll share all of these facts. I hope that you’ll be able to choose the best table tennis table after reading this full guide.

What to Consider Before Buying a Best Ping Pong Table?

Let’s be introducing with some considerable facts before buying a ping pong table.

Table Size – the Most Crucial Part in This Journey

You’ve to consider most about size of the table tennis table. There are several sizes table in market. I’ve included a sample size above.

You should buy one full size ping pong table for the best gaming experience.

If you become fail to choose a perfect size table, it will spoil you all effort. Size depends on several options. The most important option is why are you buying the table?

If you know the answer you can define the perfect size table. It’s really not hard to choose the best size. Most of the experts emphasized on size of the table tennis table.

So must consider size before buying one.

Compare Table Size with Your Room Size

Do you know picking indoor table tennis table is little tough. You’ve to compare your room with the table size. If you buy any inappropriate size table then it will ruin your game.

Try to find one which is perfect with your room.

You can’t buy any extra large table or any extra small table. Both of them won’t be good for your game. You can try some example in any of your friend’s home.

How Much Time Do You Play Tennis?

A professional table tennis player plays daily. He needs to practice regular. A fancy table tennis player plays once a week or twice a month.

Can you count them into a same category?

Nope you can’t. They are totally different. They need different types of table also.

How much time do you play? If you play regular but if you buy any newbie or non-professional table tennis table then it won’t be a good experience.

So first of all, define the matter that how much time do you play?

You can choose best one.

Who are you?

There are several types of table tennis player.

They are…
  • Professional Players
  • League Players
  • Fancy Players
  • Club Players
  • Family and Friends Player

Indoor or Outdoor

In choosing a ping pong table the purpose of use and where to use play a vital role. If you need one for family purpose then it must not be so qualified or you need not to select a professional ping pong table.

If you haven’t enough space in your room then you must choose a outdoor one. Between this two indoor or outdoor there are huge difference of its material and design.

Usually indoor tables are more bouncy and consistency than an outdoor one. This difference mainly comes from the materials used for table tops.

In general, outdoor table tops are made of aluminum composite material. That keeps it waterproof and rescue from warping and cracking due to the changing of temperature and humidity. So that outdoor one is durable and lasts long.

Again there is some feature only for indoor one, like as easily folded, wheel based to transfer easily etc.

There have some variation for indoor ping pong tables which help you to select the best indoor ping pong table for you. Given below:

  • Entry level table for home
  • Tournament quality bouncy
  • Tables with pocket for balls
  • Stylish 25mm

According to the uses purpose there have such variations also for outdoor one which help you to choose best outdoor ping pong table

  • For home a solid outdoor table
  • For newbie entry level outdoor table
  • High bouncy outdoor table
  • Outdoor table with wheel
  • Outdoor table with pocket

Budget for the best table tennis table

You need to gather lot knowledge to buying a table tennis table, which help you to have a friendly budget following your expectation and intention. Help you to reach goal easily.

For choosing best table to buy, budget is an important issue. Mostly price Depend on the feature, size and durability. So need a friendly budget for getting a best one.

For child the price starts from 30$ to 1000$

For a mini ping pong table price starts from 200$ to 2000$

For adults or professional price starts from 500$ to 2000$

Outdoor tables are 300$ to 2000$

So select a proper budget obeying your purpose of buying.

Accessories with Table

Table tennis table is not just a table of your reading or dinning, it is a field to play. That is why there need some accessories especially for this table.

There are some equipment just for play and some other for table to take care of it.

  • Table tennis net-post net: For playing table tennis a net in the middle of table is must.
  • Table tennis robot: If you have no opponent player for playing, you can you ping pong robot. You can see here the Best ping pong robot.
  • Ping pong table cleaner: In time of playing table surface become dirty with dust from ball or many other ways, that is why you need to clean it regularly. You may get some mild cleaner in market to keep your table clean and fresh. You can use spray cleaner to clean it. Just spray the table and wipe!
  • Table tennis paddle: We can’t imagine table tennis game without paddle. So, paddle select is very important. You will get here about Best paddle or Stiga pro carbon racket information.
  • Compact practice net: It is a net with carbon fibre frame which collect the ball in time of playing and very important for practice session. It saves your time and adjustable net give your ball direction to the pocket.
  • Ball case: you need a case to keep your balls and this case makes it easy to keep balls and take in time of need.
  • Table cover: If you are a regular player or professional then you use it daily, otherwise not. But you need to care it or protect it in rest time also. For that you use a cover to keep it protect in unused time.
  • Score sensor: To count the scores of the game there have some sensor in the market. You can use it to have a uncorrupted game.
  • Aluminum ball catcher: To collect the balls from floor outside of the table this aluminum framed net catcher used. It helps to collect the balls easily without any hamper in the game.

Full Setting up Process

Setting up process of a ping pong table step by step described below

  • Fix the location: to set up the ping pong table first of all need to fix the space where you set it. Then clean the space and make ready to set up your table, try to fix in a space clean and spacious so you have enough space to play relax, also the losing chance of ball is rare.
  • Release from the box: now keep your box of the table flat and remove the cover or box from the table. Then you are ready to attach the legs
  • Attach the legs: pick up the legs of the table and attach them each other in a cross shape using the nuts and bolts. Tight them lightly with a screwdriver or wrench. Bottom of the upright tubes attach the wheels and banging them with a hammer. So the best table tennis table able to transfer easily or folded up. Also attach the U shape supports of the table according to instruction of the box and link the two supports. Assemble the legs and supports strongly.
  • Setup the net: take the net and simply insert the pin of it and slide the net into the post to firm. You need to clip it or use hand screws to set it tight to the two halves of the table. Tighten the screw of the net frame to the table prevent any sag middle of the net.
  • Overlook everything: now have looks on your whole table and its equipments. Look over the instructions and check if everything okay or not. If found any distract or false anywhere then solve it soon following the rules and regulation.
  • Ready to play: After assemble the table portions nicely now you can start playing.

Best Bands for Ping Pong Table

After a long sweaty research in online stores and communities I found some best bands that provide the qualified ping pong table. Here I make a list of it:

  • Kettler
  • Butterfly
  • Harvii
  • Killerspin
  • Cornilleau
  • Viper Arlington
  • Versapong
  • Hathway
  • Gracelvoe

Where will you Use the Table?

It is the main burning question. Where you will use the table?

Now I discuss about the indoor and outdoor types of the table tennis game, which help you to find the destination where you will use it. Let’s start

Competitive ping pong is played on indoor tables, but in a dry day and clam environment you can play it outside also.

Outdoor tables are typically different with indoor tables. Outdoor pin pong tables are more durable, less sensitive and modesty than indoor one.

Choose a place where you have much space to play and can movement easily. Don’t choose a place where you feel uneasy or less of free space.

Clean and spacious room is better to set your table perfectly. But it’s not affordable to use a big room all time for playing, so you can set it in your garden or under a big tree. Select a spacious, wide, clean space must. Not there where you lost your ball or the wind wasn’t blow well.

Keep it in a lovely place where you love to stay for a long time.


After this worthy and long discussion I think all the questions in your mind about ping pong get their desire result

Here we started from the beginning level where you are illiterate about ping pong or have poor knowledge.

But now I think you gather much knowledge about best ping pong table and its equipments, priority, game types, table types etc.

End of the discussion now you clear about the best table tennis table and its using policy.

I hope you reach your destiny and already select the best table tennis table for you.

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