The Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews and Ultimate Guides

​I think you believe that you can’t be a professional table tennis player without owning a best ping pong robot.


I’m sure that you are going to love these two ping pong machine. They are good according to customer reviews and experts recommendation. They’re affordable also and you can use it any Ping Pong Table.

1. Robo-Pong/Ping Pong Robot 540 Table Tennis by Newgy

Newgy is a well-known tennis product provider company. They sell large tennis equipment through their website and some e-commerce sites. They’re continuing their business with lots of positive customer reviews.


  • This machine is analog controlled
  • Five types different spins available
  • Six categories shot Selection
  • It fits with any table
  • Easy to set up
Best Ping Pong Robot


Most of the table tennis player knows about this ping pong shooting machine. It’s an analog device. It’s easy and straightforward to use. Nothing is confusing. Anyone can use this. Most important option for this ping pong robot is that it can be fitted with any kinds of the table.

​You will get five different types spins there. They are backspin, topspin, right sidespin, left sidespin, combination spin. You know the importance of these spins in table tennis. Any professional won’t consider with the spin of a robot. Spin should be great. There are six types shot, and you can choose and play every shot. They serve, chop, push, fast loop, and lob.

You can setup this robot quickly. Even anyone can setup this.

Design and Performance

This robot is one of the best ping pong ball machines. According to its design and performance, it has become popular among the newbie tennis players.

It looks like a professional robot and performs great.

Every kind of shots and spins come greatly from this robot.


          Affordable and worth of your money

          Fast and suitable for newbie

          Several types of spins

          Good design

          Easy setup


          Unrealistic spins

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Our comment section is open for asking any related issue. I would love to answer your questions.

1. How many balls hit per minute?

Ans: I never tried more than ten. For a natural and realistic game, you can use five balls per minute. With first knob and technology, you can handle this option. Set the limit and enjoy and realistic game.

2. What about its electricity?

Ans: It’s simple. You can use your regular electricity for this robot.

3. Is it a noisy machine?

Ans: Nope, but sometimes it can make noise. No need to worry about it.

Advantages of this Product

Any experts never promote any product without some benefits of this product. Obviously, I’m a user of this table tennis ball throwing machine. And now I’m a fan of this robot. Today I will tell you two stories if this ping pong robot. I hope you guys will love these.

I’m sharing my story at first. I was tired and hopeless about my table tennis performance. I started to be shy to play front of someone. My friend, Dotson, suggested me to buy a ping pong robot. I was thinking about this, and after all, I ordered one from Amazon.

I want to start from set up. It was super easy to me to set up this robot. When I got this, I was excited and tensed. I didn’t know how will be. I have never used any Newgy products before. They were a real company to me, but there were also some negative comments.

I was surprised to see this at first. And then I became more surprise to see its performance. Some people mentioned that it looks cheap. Yeah, I want to support them, and I also thought it sounds like a cheap product. But it was a great experience to use this.

Spins were excellent. Any level player can practice with this robot. You must buy one for improving your table tennis.

In these ping pong robot reviews, I will reveal some more things about this robot.

I mentioned that one of my friends, Dotson suggested this to me. He is an existing user of this robot. He was happy about it, and for this, he suggested this to me.

Dotson is a semi-professional table tennis player. He loves to practice with this super master table tennis robot. I’ve been inspired to hearing his review about this. It was a wholly active and honest review. Dotson review inspired me to write this ping pong robot reviews guide.


Some spins issues should upgrade in this robot.

After few day uses, I invented that it provides some unrealistic turns. That makes no sense. The manufacturer company should update this option of this robot. Sometimes it is ridiculous to play these spins.

Some customers say that sometimes it stopped without any reason. Then it should need to unload the balls and fix it. It could be the most significant cons of this robot.

Final Verdict

According to experts’ recommendation and customer reviews, I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the best ping pong robots. My friend Dotson and my experience also say this.

For these reasons, I’m highly suggesting this best table tennis robot for you. If you want to be a professional table tennis player or make you more skilled in this section, then you must have to buy one.

​2. Table Tennis Training Robot V300 with Wireless Remote and Oscillation by iPong

iPong is a tennis equipment manufacturer company. They brought large tennis equipment into the market already. They’re a well known and reputed company. Today I’ve picked one of them products, a table tennis training robot with wireless remote and oscillation.


  • Upgraded seaware's quality
  • Easy control through a wireless remote
  • Digital display
  • All features are adjustable
  • Adjustable speed
  • Can hold more than a hundred balls at a time
Best Ping Pong Robot


They regular update their software and several related appliances. A player gets the highest taste of the best ping pong robot. This robot is totally digitalized. More improved and developed than before. The software helps to keep the robot accuracy and tune perfectly.

It’s easier to control this training robot. It has wireless remote to monitor this. You don’t need to go near it again and again. You can control its speed, balls per minute, spins, and other everything to staying on your side.

All feature of this robot is adjustable; you can adjust these as your requirement.

You can manage the ball frequency rate as your wish. It’s an important option for a training robot. Topspin and Backspin are the main two spins in it. You can control their speed according to your mind.

This robot can hold more than one hundred balls at a time.

Design and Performance

Does design matter for a training robot? Yes, it does. Remember, an exercise machine is like your partner. You’ve to pick an attractively designed robot.

This ipong pro table tennis training robot design is perfect. It’s attractive to watch. There's professional design on it. Most of the customers have loved its design and bought this.

It performs great. I said in description section about its performances.


          Attractive design

          Professional Level

          Excellent control and best technology

          Software controlled

          High speed and spin



          It jammed after sometimes

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

What do you want to know about this product? You can add your question on the comment section.

1. How to supply electricity to it?

Ans: You’ve to use a regular AC cord for this. It saves electricity and doesn't decrease more power.

2. What about its design?

Ans: It’s with a professional look and attractive design. Anybody will love to play with this.

3. Has it battery?

Ans: No, there isn’t any battery. It has a power adapter.

Advantages of this Product

There are huge benefits of this iPong training robots. Today I will share two stories. I heard the first time about this robot from one of my friend Fraser. Then I suggested this to some friends of mine. Paul bought this according to my suggestion.

Fraser bought this about two months ago. He is a passionate tennis player. He always tries to improve his performance. A few weeks ago he met with me and told details about this training robot. He was jubilant to buying this.

He explained total features and several options of this robot to me. He was happy with its performance. I saw his robot, and it was delighted. That time I decided to write about this. Then I suggested this to Paul. He was looking for the best table tennis robot. He bought this according to my suggestion. Paul’s honest review has inspired me to write something about this product.

He said me emotionally, and he was scared to practice front of people. He wanted to improve his present situation. He knew that there is no more way except a training robot. He decided to get one.

I suggested him to get ipong pro table tennis training robot.

He added a table net that helped him to keep all balls into the table. Let’s see what he say about iPong Table tennis training robot, “I wanted to get a robot that could help me to improve my present game situation. After buying this robot, I was surprised.

I can do whatever I want with it. I can control the spin level or speed. I can change the accuracy. One of the most attractive things is its wireless remote. I don’t want to make extra trouble. For this, I added a table net also. The remote helps me to control the robot easily.

It’s easy to use, and it has a full instruction guide with it. After two weeks I haven’t faced any unpleasant situation with this robot. It is professional table tennis stuff, and you should buy this if you want to do more practice and improve your level. I’m highly suggesting this for every level table tennis players.”

I’m thankful to Paul for his honest review, and it increased my courage to write this best ping pong robot reviews.


Fraser told me about some problems of this robot, and I don’t think these can be any cause for avoiding this.

The robot was stopped while playing. But it was fixed after a few minutes. Then he invented that it become jammed often. Some of other customers also said this problem. I think that was any technical fault. Otherwise, it’s a perfect and suitable training robot for everyone.

Final Verdict

I analyzed huge user data and experts recommendation. They have promoted this training robot highly. It has shown its Excellency.

According to all of these data, I’m highly recommending this training robot.

What to consider before buying a Ping pong training robot?

Before buying any product, we have to find some crucial things. Here I’ve shown some facts that you have to consider before the purchase of a best ping pong robot. It’s not a tough job to find a real robot for improving your table tennis game level. You’ve to understand some basic things. If you can follow these, you will be able to buy a good one.

Let’s see these.

You Have to Know Robot’s Working System

How does a table tennis robot work? You’ve to know the answer to this question. We are aware all robots aren’t same. We have to define a specific one for us. So we have to know how a robot works. If you know how a robot works, you can understand it better.

But if you become fail to understand about this, you can’t be able to buy a real robot.

Remote Control or another Controlling System

There are analog, and digitals two types control in robots. Most of the digital robots contain a display and a wireless remote controller. It’s more convenient than the analogue system.

But you know you can get a better output from analog device also.

After all, the controlling system does matter for most of the players. Anyone doesn’t want to make extra trouble while they are practicing. Digital machines sold more.

Why are you buying a robot?

You know who are you and why you need a table tennis robot. If you’re a regular tennis player and want to play as a professional player, then you’ve to buy a professional robot. If you’re a newbie and want to learn table tennis then here are massive table tennis robots for you also.

So define the buying intention and choose one with your intent.

Important Features

There are different elements in different robots, but there are some essential features also. You’ve to consider all of these features. How many kinds of spin does provide? How much is its speed? How does it look? What’s its weight?

All of these, you’ve to judge.

If you can understand this, you will be able to pick a robot with great feature.


Of course, buy an affordable machine. First of all, define your budget and search a proper training robot according to your budget. It is hard to find a good product in reasonable price, but you’ve to find one. In above I’ve reviewed two table tennis training robots. You can buy one from there.

If you can search step by step with my guides, you’ll be able to find one.

You must have to consider these things before picking a table tennis robot. So, what do you think? Is it a terrible job? It’s not at all.

Remember there are some limitations in everything; a robot can’t play like a human. It will give to spins and turns. You can control this. So sometimes you could feel boring. If you can overcome this, you’ll be a good table tennis player.


In this full guide, I tried to introduce you with the best ping pong robot. I hope guys will find something useful there and stay tuned with me.

This ping pong robot reviews guide has written for helping the interested reader. They would be able to find a good ping pong robot after reading this entire article. I’ve discussed two separate robots. You can buy any of these. I picked these two products after my using experience and huge recommendation.

I would love to hear your experience with a ping pong or any other types of tennis training robots. I hope you’ll share your story with me.

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