How to Choose a Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table – Latest Guide

It is great to have the best outdoor ping pong table to spend the free time with the friends and family members.


It will give you a great pleasure and competitive play. You can set up the ping pong table in your backyard, or in the basement. There are several other options to set it up. Ping pong table is not so expensive.

So, before purchase a ping pong table, you need the Necessary information. From this article, you will able to know How to choose a best outdoor ping pong table for the outdoor use. It will help you to choose the suitable one for yourself.

Things of consideration to buy the best outdoor ping pong table

To take a decision of buying an outdoor table tennis table you need to consider some factors.

In the market, you will find many outdoor tables with different warranty and design or facilities. The legs and the surface, the wheels are also the thinking matters.

So, choose the perfect one sometimes become difficult. But if you keep an eye on some factors, you will be able to buy the best one. Now see the considerable matters.


The playing space is the main criteria of the ping pong table. The table is 9 feet on the long side and is 5 feet on the width side. The height is 2.5 feet.

So, you need also some extra space around the table. It is better to keep 5 feet behind the end side and 3 feet behind the width side.


Most of the people do not use a whole place for the ping pong table. It will be better for you if you collapse your table to create more space when you need to do something.


Choosing the best ping pong table also depends on the experience of the players. For the beginner, it needs the durable and higher end tennis table. The high-performance tables are expensive, and sometimes it will not last long as some cheaper tables.

If the table is for a community or your office, the durability is the main consideration there because here people will not take care of the table as like as the personal table.


You should choose the ping pong table according to your affordability. You can get the table from some hundred to several thousand dollars.

So, here budget is the factor. Try to choose one that is affordable to you and has the ability to satisfy you.

Is it waterproof?

As you want the best outdoor ping pong table you should make sure that the table is waterproof? weatherproof ping pong table is very important for outdoor.

Maximum outdoor tables are suitable for all weather and there is no need for any cover to wrap it. The special coating from the manufacturer makes the table waterproof.

But you can use a cover to keep the table clean and dust-free. To bounce the ball, a clean and smooth table is necessary. So, for your ping pong table, you can buy a beautiful cover even you buy a waterproof ping pong table.

Surface Thickness

Thickness is an important factor for an outdoor ping pong table. The thicker table is better for the rainy season and the winter. 22 mm thickness is good. The thicker top of the table makes the ball bounce.

Frame material

The durability of the table depends on the material of the frame. The steel frame is more durable than the other material like aluminum. So, find out the outdoor ping pong table with steel frame.

The best outdoor ping pong tables

Now I am describing some of the best outdoor ping pong tables. You can choose one of them as your desired ping pong table.

Killerspin Revolution ping pong Table

Killerspin is one of the best companies who supply the best ping pong tables. Revolution is the number one choice of the buyer for the outdoor table. It gives you one year warranty to the customer. The frame of this table is made of steel and aluminum.

Besides, the surface of the table is thicker. The two coating of the surface makes the table more durable. The table also contains the steel post and Apex net. You also get a bag with this table in which you can put the balls, net, and other accessories.

Kettler Champ 5.0

It is an excellent outdoor ping pong table. The waterproof table is suitable for any weather condition. The material of the table is tolerable for the hot and cold weather.

Moreover, the top coat of the table is UV resistant and also fade resistant. You will get many features of this table. It is preferable for both the team and solo play.

Joola Outdoor

The Joola table is good for all weather which surface is made of aluminum plastic. There is another coat on the surface. You can fold this table and keep it another side.

The table is stable and safe, and you can move it easily. Besides, there is a waterproof net set with the table. You can choose it as the best one.

Kettler Axos 1

Kettler supplies us some great tables of table tennis. Axos 1 is the table that produces you the all-in-one kit. It is a German brand of outdoor kit products.

If you see the reviews, you will find that it is one of the best selling products. You can easily move it from one place to another.

The surface is waterproof. Besides the thickness of the table is 22 mm which makes the ball more bouncy.

Final Words

I hope, choosing the best outdoor ping pong table is not now difficult to a customer. So, you should choose one which will be more durable and will under your budget.

Many companies all over the world bring many attractive ping pong outdoor tables for the customer.

You can go to click uthe pper link to see the ping pong table reviews. You will get the better idea about the tables and it will help you to purchase a good one.

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